What kind of baby shower should you host in March?

What kind of baby shower should you host in March?

We are marching on into the month of March! You know what this means – it’s time for our monthly series on trendy, topical baby shower themes. Back in February, we explored a seasonal summer theme and a pastel colour palette inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year.

Now, it’s time to tap into the best themes for March to ensure your baby shower sparkles from the decor to the gifts table

Elegant Easter

The Easter bunny is soon going to be hop, hop, hopping into our lives over March 25-29. Take inspiration from this occasion’s motifs of bunny rabbits, eggs and chocolates to throw an elegant Easter theme baby shower.

If you have DIY talents, create papier mache Easter eggs using balloons. Two or three layers of strips of paper dipped in the papier mache glue paste will suffice. Once dry, paint using your baby shower colour palette – whether you opt for soft pastel hues, vibrant pops of colour or even a chic, minimalist monochrome and metallic scheme, these eggs will look stylish.

Once the paint is dry, pop the balloon and use your manmade egg shell as unique decorative pieces. Best of all, once your baby has arrived and family Easter egg hunt sessions begin in your backyard, these eggs will come in handy for years to come as garden treasure hunt games.

By only covering half the balloon with papier mache, you can create a half-shell egg cup for filling smaller chocolate eggs, sweets and treats as a themed serving bowl. Guests attending such a baby shower party can buy presents suited to the theme, such as the ‘Welcome to the World’ My First Wardrobe Cake featuring jumping bunny rabbits pushing prams, or the Jo Jo 100 per cent cotton baby grow-suit. 

I am woman, hear me roar 

Every year, March is celebrated as Global Women’s History Month, with a highlight being the annual International Women’s Day on March 8. Why not pay respect to this lovely awareness month by making a baby shower theme all about the mum-to-be?

Motherhood is often cherished as a proud part of being a woman, so celebrate in style with a baby shower devoted to the mum carrying the baby. There are many options for a gift for mothers, but some stellar items are the Premium Chocolate Heaven bouquet or luxurious deluxe waffle-bathrobe pamper. 

Mother Earth

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Another option for March is to embrace environmentally-friendly, sustainable decor and theme ideas for your ‘green’ baby shower. Why? Because there are several key dates this month celebrated worldwide that draw attention to the importance of caring for our planet. These include World Plant a Flower Day (March 12), Earth Hour 2016 (March 19), the United Nations UN International Day of Forests (March 21) and World Water Day (March 22). We even had a local event – Clean Up Australia Day – on March 6, so as you can see, March is all about nurturing Mother Earth. 

Opt for an organic, earthy vibe for your baby shower by using burlap sack table runners, wooden stumps as place settings for guests, wax candles and plenty of green leafy plants. Host the shower outdoors in a park or garden, serving food on recycled paper plates and drinks inside re-purposed glass mason jars that once stored your jam, pickles or peanut butter. These tips are not only great for the planet, but also ideal for your pocket thanks to saving money! 

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