What are Australia’s most popular baby names?

What are Australia’s most popular baby names?

What’s in a name? Is it just a moniker that we have to live with, or can the right one lead to a lifetime of success? While there’s no hard and fast rules in naming a little one, soon-to-be parents often spend hours pouring over the decision.

Choosing something simple can be a classy, easy option, but a few may argue that doing so lacks a touch of originality. On the flip side, going for a name that’s really out there (we’re looking at Kim and Kanye here!) can come across as odd. 

So, what are the options? Well, research firm McCrindle has tried to ascertain whether there’s any science behind a good baby name, and have even put together a list of the most popular in Australia for good measure.

Only one in 10 newborns is given one of the top 10 names.

The boys

Those expecting a boy tend to go for names that are relatively traditional. In 2014, the most prominent was Oliver, followed by William and Jack. However, if you’ve recently called your little one a popular name you shouldn’t worry that its too common.

Only one in 10 newborns is given one of the top 10 names – that equates to just 31,983 babies. Consequently, those personalised gifts that baby receives will still be unique, and they’re unlikely to have many little friends with the same names.

The girls

It’s a similar story when it comes to the girls, with many parents choosing names that are perhaps a little old fashioned, but classy nonetheless. The three most popular proved to be Charlotte, Olivia and Ava.

Baby girls are more likely to be called something that’s not in the top 10 list, with parental desire for unique and individual names certainly evident for those welcoming a little girl to the family.

Newborn baby girls tend to get more unique, stand-out names than the boys.

The trends

There’s method to picking a more traditional name for a newborn. The research from McCrindle explained there are trackable, long-term trends that affect a child’s name. For example, William was close to the top of the rankings in 1910 and is still going strong today.

Current affairs can also have some influence. A specific example includes the rise in popularity of George after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their son to the world. 

Ultimately, it appears as though many parents are happy to name their little ones with the past in mind, as the traditional options are proving to be more common yet attractive. Many choose to steer clear of anything that’s too far away from the norm. After all, you wouldn’t want friends and family to misspell the labels on the baby gifts!
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