What are the best gifts for a newborn boy?

What are the best gifts for a newborn boy?

While gender-neutral baby gifts are certainly a popular choice, going all out and gearing your gift to the sex of the newborn can often be the best bet, especially if the soon-to-be parents aren’t being especially secretive.

So, if you’re well aware that there’s a boy on the way, what are the best gifts to choose?

Keep it simple

There are a whole host of items that the new parents will need duplicates of. Today’s Parent suggested that onesies, bibs, hats and socks are all high on the checklist for newborns. While these may seem a little uninspired, there are ways and means to make them a memorable baby gift.

For a boy, blue will likely be the first choice when it comes to colour, but why not go one step further and get something custom made? It’s not as expensive as it sounds, and this way you’ll be welcoming the little one with a truly unique baby gift.

Something memorable

If you’re intrigued at the prospect of choosing a present that’s more one-off and a little less practical, there are plenty of options out there. A group of parents on the Netmums forum suggested that an alternative idea is to put together a framed collage featuring the baby boy’s birth details, as well as any keepsakes that are unique to the mum, too.

This way, you can really let your creative juices flow and make the item as gender-specific as you’d like. Moreover, while this idea is less functional than something such as clothing, you’ll give the little one and the new parents a baby gift that is special and long lasting.

Ultimately, choosing presents for a newborn can be tough regardless of the gender. However, if you’re looking for something that’s well suited to a boy, try to make it personal, and keep it light blue if you’re really struggling for inspiration!

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