Is the sprinkle the new shower?

Is the sprinkle the new shower?

The baby shower is traditionally a great time for mum-to-be to feel the love and affection from her nearest and dearest, and of course, receive a host of unique baby gifts that will come in handy once the little one arrives.

However, while the shower is one thing, is there another trend that could replace this well-known, traditional celebration?

Going for the sprinkle

Well, the baby sprinkle has grown to prominence of late, and it’s a more delicate way of giving a soon-to-be mum a raft of presents. Essentially, while it may sound an odd concept, a baby sprinkle is the same as a shower, but it takes place on a smaller scale.

Rather than focus on out-there, extravagant gifts and party games, the sprinkle can be a more low-key affair that equips mum with the necessities she’ll need over the coming weeks and months.

Keeping it simple

To that end, if you’re interested in throwing a sprinkle or are set to attend one, what are the best baby gifts to go with? Well, She Knows contributor Tonya Wertman explained that a central part of a successful sprinkle revolves around the gifting of everyday items, such as diapers, onesies and bedding.

Rather than be seen as a downgrade, a sprinkle can be just as fruitful as a shower, but is just that little bit more casual. In fact, more mums who are going through pregnancy for the second, third, fourth time etc are choosing a sprinkle as it celebrates their situation without being too overbearing.

Ultimately, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the perfect sprinkle or shower. After all, providing mum is happy and all of her favourite people are in attendance, the size of the celebration itself is unlikely to play into her thinking.


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