How to get a colleague’s maternity gift right

How to get a colleague’s maternity gift right

Sending a colleague off into motherhood can be an opportune time to show how much she means to you. Whether you’re working for a huge conglomerate or a small business, the rules for getting it right are the same.

There’s the need to create an emotional connection while also presenting the mum-to-be with something that’s usable and beautiful. After all, she’ll have a host of presents coming her way over the following months, so you want yours to stand out!

Go personal

In a list of baby gift ideas collated by, many of the most notable offer more than a touch of personalisation. If you’re good friends with the colleague who’s set to welcome her new baby to the world, consider an item of baby clothing with a unique, one-off slogan on the front.

Group together

They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and you should certainly keep that in mind if you’re struggling to think of the perfect maternity gift. In a big company, it may be easy to pool resources with others around the office or even get management to chip in and purchase a more luxury gift hamper to spoil the new parents.

A group of mums on the BabyandBump forum suggested that this is also a great way to buy gift certificates that the new parents can put toward a bigger purchase at a later date.

Pamper mum and bub

While streaming service Netflix recently announced that its employees will be allowed unlimited maternity leave, not every business is quite as generous. Naturally, the new mum is going to be a little stressed while she’s away from work.

The answer? A maternity gift that focuses on both baby and parents, giving the latter an opportunity to unwind. Check out our mum and bub hampers to get some inspiration.

Having a colleague go on maternity leave can be a little sad for you – after all, you might be losing a friend from the office for a few months. However, in choosing a unique baby gift, you can make sure the new mum starts her leave in the best way possible.

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