3 tips on how to get a baby shower right

3 tips on how to get a baby shower right

A pregnancy is a time filled with celebration. Short of bringing home your little bundle of joy, one of the best occasions to get a heap of friends and family together is definitely the baby shower.

While these gatherings may have been relatively low-key affairs in the past, enthusiastic hosts are now going the whole nine yards to make the occasions something truly special for the soon-to-be parents.

Baby shower boom

In fact, women in the UK spend a whopping £220 million every year in attending baby showers, according to a 2013 study carried out by VoucherCodes.co.uk. That’s over $450 million!

While no one has to break the bank to find the perfect baby shower gifts, premium items are rising in popularity. In fact, following in the footsteps of the party thrown by the Beckhams when their daughter Harper was born a few years ago, personalised jewellery is one option that many friends and family members are looking to bestow on littles ones, as reported by Mail Online.

The pregnancy forecast is: Increasing baby showers http://t.co/hjopafuMre

— Indy Health (@IndyHealth) June 6, 2013

The low down

While gifts are certainly a big part of the celebration, what do the best baby showers have in common?

1. Choose the right theme

It can be difficult to give the day a unique flavour, especially if the gender of bubs is being kept a secret! However, the best showers will typically have a personalised theme. One idea, noted by Mothercare, is to base the day around a well-known nursery rhyme or children’s book. Tried and tested examples include ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’.

Choosing a distinct theme is a great starting point when planning a baby shower.

2. Create keepsakes

A baby shower should not only be a great experience for the expecting parents – and the friends and family – but it can also create memories for the soon-to-be newborn, too. BabyCentre explained that a great way to do this is to create an instant scrapbook. Use an old-school Polaroid camera, take photos and get guests to write messages of support or even wisdom that the little one can read as he or she grows up.

3. Pick an interesting centrepiece 

In line with finding the right theme, choosing a unique centrepiece can really set the best, most elegant baby shower on the right track. The hosts can even use the baby gifts themselves, building an attractive display out of the beautifully wrapped packages. Real Simple suggested stacking all of the presents on a coffee table, creating a ready-made focal point of pastel-coloured wrapping paper and fabric bows. Whether you’re throwing the shower or you’re simply a guest, there can be a lot of pressure to get things right. If you keep the above in mind, you can send the happy parents into mother and fatherhood in the best way possible.

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