Get festive: 3 Christmas-themed baby gifts

Get festive: 3 Christmas-themed baby gifts

Christmas is typically a time for celebration in its own right. Whether it’s just seeing friends for the first time in a while, or even getting the family back together, it’s the perfect time to be merry.

However, the celebrations can be even more pronounced if there’s a little one on the way, too. While it can make the festive period increasingly hectic for the mum-to-be, it does present a number of opportunities for those on the lookout for unique baby gifts!

To that end, here are three festive must-haves that will prove a hit with bubs and parents alike:

1. A striking stocking

Christmas stockings are a great traditional gift, and you can ensure that the new little one has somewhere to keep all of their other presents come the big day! While it may seem like the type of item that’s a bit of a one off, the new parents are likely to use the stocking each year as their newborn grows up, meaning that your gift could well go on to be a traditional family fixture every December.

2. Going with ornaments

Buying Christmas-themed ornaments may not seem like a good idea for a little one, but you can create a keepsake that the new parents will treasure for many years to come. Specifically, there are some designs out there that are incredibly personal, and even include the hand print of bubs.

These options are a great, unique gift, and can prove to be a timeless item that the parents use to decorate their house year after year.

3. Festive photo albums

A gift that’s perfect for new parents who welcome their little one to the world in the run up to Christmas, a festive photo album can help record and collect memories of bubs from day one.

This way, you can gift mum and dad with a photo album, while also giving the little one a plushy toy that they can treasure over the Christmas period and beyond. 

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