Welcome to the world: What to write in a newborn’s congratulations card

Welcome to the world: What to write in a newborn’s congratulations card

Choosing the right baby gift for the expectant mum and dad can be difficult. Even when you’ve secured the perfect welcome for the little one, that sense of dread of having to write the accompanying card is something we’ve all felt.

Whether it’s a birthday, house move, or newborn in this case, nailing down the right kind of sentiments can be difficult. Naturally, you’ll want to come across as congratulatory (it’s a time for celebration after all!), but it’s best to try to be unique as well.

So, what do you write?

Be personable

If you know the parents really well, then Hallmark explained that the little one’s first card is a great time to be personable with a touch or two of humour. Try a message like, ‘So happy for you two. That’s going to be one lucky baby’, if you want to highlight the fact that your friends are going to be exceptional parents!

Even if you’re not the best of friends with soon-to-be mum and dad, there’s one tip that simply has to be followed: Make sure you choose the right audience. Hallmark suggested that there’s really three options.

You can either address the parents, the whole family or even the newborn. Choose one of the three and consider the recipient when scribing your message. For instance, if you’re addressing the baby, perhaps include a note that he or she can read back a little later in life.

Encourage memories

The new parents will likely be cherishing every moment with the new arrival, but there are a few things you can do to remind them of just how special those first few weeks and months are.

Wishes Quotes surmised that something along the lines of ‘Now’s the time to make the most of that newborn baby smell – be sure to enjoy every precious moment!’ will remind the new mum and dad of just how lucky they are!

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to creating a message to go alongside a unique baby gift. The best idea is to keep it as friendly and congratulatory as possible, and perhaps even throw in a touch of humour, too

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