2 alternative sources of baby name inspiration

2 alternative sources of baby name inspiration

If you’re an expectant parent, choosing the right name for the little one can be a tough choice. Chances are, you’ll go through months of debate and multiple vetoes before you arrive at the perfect option.

While many choose to extend the legacy of their families, or even look to the celebrity world for ideas, there are a few alternative places that can be perfect for coming up with an inspired option. 

There are a plethora of unique baby names with direct links to the natural world.

Good nature

Mother Earth offers us many things, but have you ever considered it for naming inspiration? Babycenter explained that choosing a name that stems from nature can help your little one feel connected to the world around him or her. While that may sound like a bit of an odd concept, there are a whole plethora of unique baby names that have a direct link to the natural world. For example, if you have a little girl on the way, why not go for Hazel, Coral or Holly? Names such as Autumn are tried and tested, but thinking a little differently could present you with a unique option inspired by nature. Stuff.co.nz contributor Vivienne Pearson noted that environment-inspired baby names are really on-trend right now, with natural themes rising in popularity.

Look at literature

Where better to look for inspiration than in the pages of the most famous literary works? While a name like Sherlock or even Mercutio might come across as a little odd on the tags of those baby gifts, there are an array of more toned down options that can still be just as striking. Of course, if you have a favourite book or author, then start looking there. However, the classics can occasionally help spark your creativity. EverydayFamily explained that a character such as Mayella Ewell from To Kill A Mockingbird has a first name that’s not only timeless, but truly unique as well.
Some of the best, truly unique baby names can be found on the pages of classic literature.
Perhaps you’re looking to blend both books and film in naming your little girl? If so, going for something such as Aurora – which was the given name of the princess in Sleeping Beauty – can help give the newborn a name that’ll really set her apart. Even better than that, once she’s old enough, you can read her the story that inspired the choice, or even show her the film! While going for an overtly distinctive name may be tough on those looking to personalise their baby gifts, there’s a whole host of inspiration out there if you look away from the beaten path.
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