3 of the best baby shower games

3 of the best baby shower games

If you’ve been to one or more baby showers, chances are you know the formula by now. The focus, of course, is on the soon-to-be mum and her impending little one, but many of the activities aim to make the day fun for everyone in attendance.

However, some of the more traditional baby shower games can come across as a little cliched. Here are three of the best alternative ideas to make your shower that much more special:

Keep it custom

Today’s Parent suggested that a great way to get everyone involved – and prepare something for the arrival of bubs – is to get a number of blank onesies and some arts and crafts materials.

Let everyone release their inner creative streak, and you’ll end up with a heap of unique, personalised baby gifts for the little one.

The guessing game

First things first, this game is aimed squarely at getting everyone laughing and enjoying themselves! Beau-coup suggested getting attendees to bring a picture of them as a baby to the party, and match the current person with their past, miniature self.

You can even make it competitive and reward the person who gets the most successful matches with a keepsake of the day. Just remember to ask everyone to bring their photo by putting a brief note in the invitations.

Baby product list

This game is a little simpler and one that’ll be a surefire hit. Kidspot explained that the basics involve giving every person a pen and paper, and getting them to list off as many baby items as they can in a minute.

Again, a present for the winner such as chocolates or bath treats is sure to go down well. Also, the lists will act as great inspiration to any stragglers who haven’t decided on the perfect baby gift just yet!

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