3 gifts for sports-mad babies (and parents!)

3 gifts for sports-mad babies (and parents!)

We all inherit some interests from our parents. For a newborn, the way they learn as they go means that they’ll constantly be influenced by outside factors. Naturally then, some parents will try to have just a little say on their latest addition’s future hobbies.

For any sports-mad mums and dads, this may happen in a variety of ways. While it may be as simple as having bubs on your knee while the big game is on TV, or even just talking about the latest star signings within earshot, many parents will hope that their little one grows up to be sports mad – or even a star player!

If all of this sounds familiar, you may be wondering what baby gift you can get for such a family. Well, here are three of the best sports-related present ideas:

Plushy boots

While it may be some time before bubs can take to the field, EverydayFamily suggested that an ideal gift for a sports-mad family is a miniature pair of boots. Naturally, these aren’t exact replicas of what today’s sporting heroes wear, rather a plushy version to keep the little one warm while inspiring their sporty streak.

The sporty hamper

What’s better than one sports-related baby gift? A whole collection. By getting the new mum and dad a hamper, you can give them a raft of toys, clothes and keepsakes that they can use immediately – all the while encouraging bubs to grow into a sports lover.

For footy fan parents, check out our My First Footy Baby Gift Boxes.

Go official

If mum and dad are mad about a specific team, why not choose something official? In the National Rugby League for example, the majority of teams offer merchandise specifically aimed at little ones. You could get a replica Bulldogs jersey, or even a Rabbitohs Reggie plush doll for bubs to cherish.

Finding the right baby gift can be tough if you’re short of inspiration. Fortunately, for sports-mad little ones – and parents! – there’s a whole raft of items out there that will go down a treat.

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