3 baby gifts for parents who have everything

3 baby gifts for parents who have everything

Buying any kind of present can be tough when the person who’s set to receive it has very particular tastes, or always claims that they have all they need. When it comes to babies, new parents are showered – literally, in most cases! – with so many gifts that it can be hard to find anything that won’t be a duplicate.

In essence, you’ll want to choose something that’s unique and useful in equal measure. Sound impossible? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Here are three baby gift ideas for those parents that just seem to have everything:

1. Custom birth announcement pillows

A really unique gift that highlights the little one’s birth date, name and even weight, a personalised pillow can prove to be a memorable keepsake. It ticks both the practical and unique boxes, commemorating the newborn in a succinct way, while doubling as a genuinely useful item that the new parents will likely have on their sofa or bed for years to come.

2. Magazine subscriptions

An idea that is perhaps a little left field, a subscription to a parenting magazine is something that’s a relatively uncommon baby gift. Naturally, the literature will prove a precious resource for parents looking for advice as bubs grows up, and it’ll also ensure that they think of you every month when the new issues arrive.

3. Baby bouquets

A non-traditional gift that can have a huge impact, why not treat the new parents to a baby bouquet? The visual impact is likely to stay with them, and all the useful items for bubs – including towels and onesies – will certainly be put to good use as he or she starts growing.

Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to finding a truly unique baby gift. However, choosing an option that’s a little less popular will likely go down with parents who simply have everything already.

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