Is there a single bedtime story that can send your little one to sleep?

Is there a single bedtime story that can send your little one to sleep?

Bedtime stories have long been a great way to send a little one off into the land of sleep. Many parents come up with their own, while some tried and tested fairy tales can often have the desired effect. However, is there science behind the process of a good bedtime story, and are some simply more effective than others?

One Rabbit's mission for better sleep

Well, believe or not, there’s one story book out there that claims it can make any little one fall asleep – and it’s been a huge bestseller all over the world. The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep has been called ‘magical’ by some, according to the Guardian, and has gathered a huge amount of buzz on Amazon.

So, does it work and what’s the secret? Well, if many of the customer reviews are to be believed, this special book does indeed have the power to send bubs off into a slumber. While there are a few dissenting voices, a whole plethora of parents appear to have found value in using the book.

There’s no denying that new parents would hugely appreciate a baby gift that has a focus on helping their newborn sleep, but what are the best options?

A helping hand at bedtime

Well, while The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is now so popular it’s spawned a number of parodies, there are a host of lesser-known alternatives out there that can help a little one nod off.

It may sound relatively obvious, but one of the key ingredients in getting a little one to sleep is down to the most comfortable, snuggly pyjamas. Our My Bed Time Baby Gift Box comes with sets that are likely to perfectly fit the bill, and can help bubs drift off calmly if that now-famous rabbit – or any other story for that matter – hasn’t quite lived up to the hype!

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