2 wonderfully extravagant celebrity baby gifts

2 wonderfully extravagant celebrity baby gifts

The world of celebrity is often accused of being over the top at times. Whether it’s a flash sports car here, or a piece of expensive jewellery there, some of the world’s most famous people like to revel in the fact that they have the money to purchase items others can only dream of.

When it comes to raising a little one, that mantra is often applicable. Of course, it’s great to shower bubs with unique baby gifts, but there are some that go the extra mile with their exuberance. To that end, here are our two favourite extravagant and unique baby gifts:

Blue Ivy's personal nursery

Jay Z and Beyonce are arguably the world’s first and foremost power couple. With a collective net worth spiralling into the stratosphere, it’s little wonder that their daughter Blue Ivy is often treated to some of the finer things in life.

That got taken to the next level entirely when the couple built her a private nursery within the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Jay Z has a stake in the Nets, the basketball team that call the arena home, so he added in the facilities to help keep his little one entertained if she’s not interested in what’s happening on the court.

The total cost of the nursery? A cool US$1 million, according to The Huffington Post.

Suri Cruise's wardrobe

Having two of the most famous parents in the movie business – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – was always going to put Suri Cruise in the spotlight. One thing that has set her apart from others is her collection of designer clothes.

In fact, Kidspot explained that not long after she was born, her parents invested around $150,000 into a shoe collection for Suri, ensuring that she’ll never be short of something to wear on her feet! 

While your unique baby gifts don’t have to be quite as extravagant, you can certainly lavish your little one with something classy via our My Designer Gift Baby Gift Box.

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