Trendy Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas

Trendy Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas

One of the latest trends for baby showers has been the gender reveal ceremony, where the parents-to-be share the gender of their baby with friends and family using creative methods. It’s a fun, dramatic moment typically symbolised by revealing either a pastel pink or blue colour at the shower in a quirky way. Guests can go prepared to the shower with unisex baby gifts so no matter the outcome they have a thoughtful present to give the expecting parents. 

Here are several ideas for a gender reveal – pick the one you find most delightful! 

Cute cake 

One of the most popular gender reveal techniques is to bake a cake that has white, creme or yellow icing on the outside but the inside sponge has been baked with pink or blue food colouring.  As the mum or dad cuts into the cake, the slice is wedged out and the colour informs everyone at the shower if a wee baby girl or boy is on the way.

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