Is singing the key to calming a little one?

Is singing the key to calming a little one?

There are many times in the early life of a little one where it feels like nothing will calm him or her down. While crying outbursts are par for the course, it goes without saying that some methods are simply better at calming down babies than others.

A feed at the right time can make the difference, as can a change – making those nappy cake baby gifts invaluable! However, did you know that it’s possible to keep your little one serene by consistently singing to them?

Backed by science

Well, while that may not be a groundbreaking revelation, it is in fact backed up by scientific research. The findings of the University of Montreal – explored by ScienceDaily – suggested that listening to singing actually helps babies develop emotional self control.

In fact, breaking out into song in front of your little one can even prove to be a more effective way of aiding their development than talking to them.

Hitting the right notes

So, while you may be worrying that you’re going have to be a world-class singer to really calm down your little one when he or she gets restless, fortunately, that isn’t the case. As you may have guessed, it’s more about the melodic nature of the practice. Consequently, there are a few songs that are actually better than others. Some of the best suggested by Babble include:

  • Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles
  • Just the Way You Are, Billy Joel
  • Smile, Nat King Cole

While the old favourites such as itsy bitsy spider are tried and tested, the melodic nature of some more popular hits are great for little ones in their early days, and can prove to be great for their wider development.

Consequently, keep an eye out for any music themed baby gifts, as they may not only prove to be a great play thing for your newborn, but could even smooth the process of keeping him or her calm when things get frenetic, too!

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