Amazing Concept Celebration Cakes!

Amazing Concept Celebration Cakes!

When you are ready to take your brand to the next level, you are more than likely already ahead of the pack. Now is no time for complacency. Strengthening your position with an innovative marketing tool can help you maintain that enviable spot.

If you believe that all marketing is good marketing especially if it includes a personal touch, then look for a solution that allows you to: 

  1. Magnify your voice when you are not there
  2. Give you a unique signature piece that distinguishes you from the others
  3. Strengthens your personalised customer service

A Product Like No Other

A ‘concept cake’ is neither a term you would normally think of, nor come across every day; and if the supplier were a baby gift store, you would be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled upon a very peculiar product.  What a perfect recipe for promotional merchandise! If you have been searching for something uncommon to target the right attention, check out how this concept can help you.

An Exclusive Gift Set That Says ‘You’

Concept celebration cakes are customised creations assembled with functional gift items chosen by their relevance to a particular business. They resemble actual cakes in single, two-tier, or even three-tier sizes and are perfect for promotional purposes or as unique prizes. Their genius is their originality. Essentially, they are elaborate gift sets that no one else has thought to package in this way before! While their original design aims to inspire curiosity and grab instant attention, their practicality in offering beautiful yet functional items means you get the respect for thinking of the concept while erasing your competitors from your clients’ mind.

Show Your Clients Who You Are And How Much You Care

You know you are worthy of being chosen over your competition.  You are a leader in your field, you offer exceptional service, your products are top of the range and you like to go the extra mile to prove it. You are also prepared to try something new to convince your customers that you will look after their needs better than anyone else. Wokitup recently did just that. In celebration of its 10th year anniversary Wokitup offered an original concept/novelty cake as a competition prize. The unique cellophane-wrapped prize included:


  • Entire set of plush towels – bath, hand and face washer
  • Annabel Trends Double Over Mit
  • Annabel Trends Single Oven Mit
  • Wokitup mini wok
  • Wokitup Chopsticks
  • Ferrero Rocher chocolates 40g
  • Scented Wooden Romantic Rose
  • 9” Cake Board

Organisers of baby showers are perfect candidates for reaping the rewards of original concept cakes, as a recent customer found out. The request was for a dedicated baby nappy cake filled with items for mum and baby, in the colour scheme of the baby shower theme.  The result was a stunning, one of a kind creation that took pride of place as a feature on the baby shower table.

Another option is the concept box. It presents all items in a flat white box instead and can double as a storage container. Empire Global recently took advantage of this marketing strategy by offering a concept gift to welcome the company’s owners to their newly purchased apartments. The company’s brief was for a gift line that offered high quality functional items, such as the plush bath towels that were finally chosen.

Your Customers Will Never Forget You or Your Concept

So, if the words ‘concept’ and ‘cake’ still sound incompatible, and the ‘baby gift store’ component still seems out of place, you have probably found the perfect promotional product. It will  distinguish you from the rest and render you a breath of fresh air in the eyes of your customers.


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