How should you decorate a baby nursery?

How should you decorate a baby nursery?

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for a new baby is decorating the nursery. When it comes to the baby’s room, you’ve probably got a whole heap of ideas, but it can often be difficult to translate them into real life.

Unless you’re an interior designer, the majority of us aren’t trained to understand the intricacies of home decor. Following these two tips is an excellent way to ensure that the nursery is a room that you feel happy about bringing your little one home to.

Stick to a theme or colour scheme

The easiest way to make your nursery look cohesive is by committing to a colour scheme or theme that will run throughout the room. If you’re completely stuck for ideas, look into your own childhood for inspiration. A favourite book or movie from when you were young is a wonderful way to connect to your new baby and will provide a fantastic theme for their room.

Alternatively, draw ideas from your baby shower presents, as these often have unique colour combinations. Mint green and brown, like the shades found in this gift box, make a fantastic colour scheme and would even be great for a safari themed nursery.

Remember mum and dad

It’s important to recognise that, while the nursery is about the new little one, it’s also where mum and dad will be spending a lot of their time. Making the nursery a comfortable place for parents is vital. The baby will be too young to remember it anyway! Cushy arm chairs, a convenient changing table and lots of blankets are a must, to make the lives of new parents that much easier.

Keeping these tips in mind will be a wonderful way to ensure that the baby nursery becomes a cherished space for you and your partner to start getting to know your newest little family member.

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