4 products to help decorate a baby nursery in a chic neutral colour scheme

4 products to help decorate a baby nursery in a chic neutral colour scheme

Modern baby nursery

Many nursery interior designers are choosing a white, creme, brown, grey or beige colour palette for the room instead of the cliche pink or blue. These neutral tones look excellent in a modern, contemporary styled home, making the nursery a part of the overall look and flow of the house.

Monochrome options in crisp black-and-white are popular while subtle accents of baby blue or pastel pink bring a playful touch. 

Several nursery designers are using baby products as the decor itself, such as by hanging up clothing or onesies on white wooden ladders or displaying toys in neutral colours on the shelves.

This is a spatially clever approach, as instead of packing storage trunks to the brim you’re using the items as stylish additions to the space. 

If you’re inspired by this aesthetic for your little one’s nursery, here are four products that are ideal for accentuating a neutral theme.

1. Brown Baby Plush – Bubzee Bear

An adorable and soft companion, the chocolate coloured Bubzee Bear comes with a rattle inside. It’s ideal for the shelf above the crib, or on a sofa. 

2. Baby Grow Suits – E&K Cherry Blossom

Purchase clothing in as many different hues and patterns as you like, but hang a row of neutral-coloured outfits onto a clothing rack in the room. This frees up space in the wardrobe and doubles as an elegant room decor display. 

3. Baby Plush – Large Twinkles Giraffe

Ideal for introducing the subtle pink or blue accents into the nursery, these predominantly creme-coloured giraffe toys are the perfect accompaniment to the brown Bubzee. They can be displayed in the crib, or placed on the rung of a ladder shelf. 

4. Baby minimink

These luxuriously soft throws or pram liners not only soothe the baby with warm and cosy fabrics but also look chic and on-trend. Sheepskin rugs and throws are popular in bedrooms draped over ‘ghost chairs’ made of lucite transparent material. Re-create the look in a nursery for a space worthy of a magazine photoshoot!

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