Can your little one’s birthday dictate their development?

Can your little one’s birthday dictate their development?

Long before those baby gifts are wrapped up and ready to go, the conversation between the prospective parents will typically focus on the time of year they’d like to welcome their little one to the world. While many may not have the luxury of being that precise, if you’ve been planning to start a family for some time, then being selective can be a savvy choice.

The summer difference

However, did you know that when your latest addition enters the world could actually have an effect on the way he or she develops? Research published by Heliyon from the University of Cambridge in the UK suggested that summer babies can progress at a faster rate than those born at other times of the year.

Why? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually down to the amount of sunlight that mum gets during the pregnancy. While that may sound like an out there concept, there’s science to back it up. The body takes in Vitamin D from the sun, and this can actually aid the growth and development of a baby.

About the timing

So, while new parents may want to start planning in advance for a summer due date, one of the head researchers involved in the findings was keen to point out that being pregnant during the sunnier months won’t have a huge impact on the overall health of the newborn.

In Australia, thanks to the climate across much of the country, it’s possible to get some sun pretty much all year round. Still, what months are the most popular for births on these shores? found that March is number one, so the majority of new parents are catching the summer bug after all.

When you welcome a new addition to the world isn’t particularly important, but it can have an effect on those baby presents. After all, no one’s likely to get the new little one any winter clothing at the hottest times of the year!

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