2 baby gadgets for tech-obsessed parents

2 baby gadgets for tech-obsessed parents

Technology has changed many aspects of modern life, but raising a little one isn’t necessarily one of them. After all, the more traditional things such as clothing and blankets have been around in one form or another for some time, and every parent needs them – making them the perfect baby gift!

However, while bringing up bubs may seem like an analogue endeavour, there are a new generation of parents relying more heavily on the digital space. In fact, the market for high-tech products is

The market for high-tech baby products is now worth several billion dollars.

now so vast that it is worth billions of dollars, according to GfK research explored by the Guardian.

So, if you just can’t resist a good gadget, and want to bring up your little one with a touch of digital help, what are the best items for you?

4moms Origami stroller

While the humble stroller may seem like a basket and four wheels to many, the most modern and innovative versions are incredibly technologically advanced. The Origami stroller from 4moms is one example. 

PC Mag noted it has everything from daytime running lights to an LCD dashboard that can keep your little one entertained while in transit. It may sound like a bit much, but one of the stroller’s biggest selling points is the fact it can fold down at the touch of a button.

This is of course quite high tech, but it’ll also be a godsend for parents looking to get the stroller, the little one and any grocery shopping into the car with minimal effort.

iiamo Go self-warming bottle

Ensuring your little one gets the perfect amount of nutrition early in life is imperative to his or her development. However, when you’re giving bubs milk from the bottle, it can be tough to ensure that it’s precisely the right temperature.

That’s where the iiamo Go self-warming baby bottle comes in. It can regulate the temperature of its contents to the perfect 37 degrees Celcius and can completely disassemble to be cleaned and sterilised.

Perhaps even more crucially, the bottle doesn’t use electricity or have any protruding cords, meaning that you’ll hardly notice the difference while the technology-centric bottle makes feeding time that much easier.

While these two products may be a touch expensive to be offered up as unique baby gifts, they can prove to be savvy purchases for those tech-mad mums and dads who love a good gadget.

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