Top 5 Gorgeous Designer Clothes for Your Gorgeous Baby

Top 5 Gorgeous Designer Clothes for Your Gorgeous Baby

Pink terno dress for kids

Whether you’re expecting a bundle of joy or you just conceived yours, it’s always wonderful to shop for baby clothes. Babyshops and online shopping UAE catalogs for kids always get ravaged by fashion savvy parents, all in the hopes of getting beautiful and swanky threads for their children. However, of all the numerous designer outfitters available, make sure to keep an eye out for the following:

Christian Dior

Ever since the company was established in 1946, Christian Dior has gained worldwide fame for the elegance, style, and class with which they design their clothes. Now, they also design special baby clothes that are designed so that babies will exude style and grace, even while in their younger years for parents who will like to dress their children in the best designer wears, Christian Dior has over the years been the go-to brand.

Dior clothes made for babies are a timeless classic. They are the perfect choice for parents who will like for their children to dress up in style and class. This brand also provides selection choices for your child from birth all through teenage years. Whether dresses, hats, shorts, shoes, swimwear, and other accessories, Christian Dior has your child ‘covered’.


Lover of sports? Well, it is never too early to kit up your child in the best designer sportswear gear. It’s never too early to dress your baby in designer sportswear and when it regards sporting apparel, no brand does it like Jordan. Baby Jordans are an integral part of Nike, and they are associated too arguably the greatest basketball player of all time; none other than Michael Jordan. Just like Jordan’s game, these awesome baby clothes are just on point.

Although this baby clothes brand might not have as many choices to elect from like as it is with many other brands, their specialty lies in the designer sportswear that they bring out. They have items ranging from baby shoes to jumpers which are so beautiful, you’ll almost with your children could wear them on a daily basis.


It is always a joy to dress your baby up in comical clothes and animated pieces; a joy that every parent loves to savor. With baby ALIVE clothes, you can do just that. ALIVE is a European clothing brand that combines creativity with environmental enlightenment. Their pieces are those unique types that you can’t just find on an everyday basis, partly due to the fat that the brand remains off the radar and has not yet entered the mainstream fashion market, even despite their popularity.   

With ALIVE, your child gets collections of cute animals surrounded by urban life; a combination that adds allure to his (or her) clothes.

Polo by Ralph Lauren

When it comes to clothing, Ralph Lauren is an evergreen classic. They’ve made the expansion of their clothing line to include baby Polo clothes and they’re now one of the most sought after companies when it comes to both adult and baby clothes.

Every fashion-savvy parent dreams of dressing their baby in the finest clothes. With Ralph Lauren’s wide selection of bay clothes, this dream can finally become a reality. They’ve been able to bring their classic elegance to their baby clothes and now, your child, regardless of the sex, can dress up in the very best clothes all year round.


Burberry, a popular British clothing brand, has been known for effortlessly matching simplicity with class. The brand is known for using a unique tartan pattern; one which has been copied by numerous fashion designers in the world. Dress your baby up in Burberry and rest assured that he (or she) will turn heads everywhere.

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