Can the right gift help with a newborn’s learning development?

Can the right gift help with a newborn’s learning development?

All new parents hope that their little one grows up to be a genius, and bring fame and fortune to the family! While that’s obviously a dream for many, making sure that your latest addition is learning and developing positively is a must.

That process starts from a very early stage. In fact, BabyCenter explained that newborns have a great sense of hearing almost immediately, while babies between one and three months old begin to visually track objects that interest them and take on new information almost every day.

So, whether it’s before the birth itself, or even for a milestone after bubs is born, what toys and items make for the perfect learning treats and baby gifts?

The baby gym

The baby gym has become an increasingly popular product over the last few years, with many new parents – and friends and family alike – rushing out to ensure that the little one has a place to stretch and play.

However, not many know about the added benefits this kind of item actually offers. The Meredith Women’s Network suggested that a sturdy baby gym can actually help bubs develop great hand-eye coordination from an really early stage.

Sing-a-long playbooks

As mentioned, a newborn’s ability to listen is one of the primary ways they take on information between one and three months. Consequently, any toys and activities that focus on sound can help with bubs’ learning development.

Fisher-Price suggested that a sing-a-long playbook is a perfect choice as it gives your little one a plushy toy to play with, while also encouraging learning and recollection through music.

Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the right kind of baby presents that will really help a newborn learn. However, if bubs is just starting out on their path to a genius-level intellect, focussing on sound-based items is one of the best ways to go!

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